Place, where photography and travelling come together. Here, you can find my work as well as travel tips that could save you time and money. Oh, and by the way, if you are looking for travel advice, want to improve your language, or just would like to chat, feel free to get in touch.

Started as a way to keep memories of my travels, taking landscape pictures slowly turned into my passion. And because each photo holds a sentimental value, my goal is to keep them as natural as possible. Most of my photos include only minor retouch.

One of my deepest passions – travelling, became inseparable part of my life at the age of 18, when I, as a small town fresh graduate, moved to London. Since then, I have kept travelling for good portion of my life, exploring over 30 countries. 

As a non-native English speaker, I understand just how difficult it might be to learn foreign language.  I have mastered English by living across the globe and now I would like to help to improve your English. Understand even drunk kangaroo – Drunkaroo!